Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Project Macrame

Macrame has been popular for a good while now but it's taken me ages to get around to trying it.  I found a 1975 copy of The Joy of Macrame by Marylou Monroe at Salvo's a good while back and finally got around to some serious macrame.

I used an entire box of size 2 piping cord for my project (75 metres!).  It took me forever to divide the cord into numerous lengths of 6.4 mts.   It came out of the box in a nice neat ball but as soon as I started to pull at the cord to cut off my first length it all knotted together.  Maybe I pulled the wrong end, who knows.

Four hours later...

Let the knotting begin... So it turns out that trying to learn a totally new craft from a 1975 booklet isn't as easy as learning a totally new craft via a nice video on youtube.  There was a lot of head scratching, knotting, unknotting, re-reading of instructions, and swearing and finally some resorting to youtube.

My petal shapes are wonky and my plait things underneath are completely wrong.

Yeah, the petals are still wonky, but I did re-do the plait things correctly, and, hurrah, the bottom half of my macrame hanging is a lot neater than my top half.

Project macrame complete.  I did enjoy it once I'd worked out the knots and whilst my first attempt took hours and hours to complete and is pretty wonky I reckon I could whizz through a second one.  Have a go!

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