Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finders Keepers & Georgie Love

Woohoo! Just delivered a very large box of lovely lamps to the post office destined for the wonderful Georgie Love stall at The Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne. Wish I was going too!! It's on the 9th & 10th of October and I hope all you people lucky enough to live near Melbourne have an ace time at the market. I can only imagine the completely gorgeous products and artwork that'll be there.

In the meantime I'm moving house which means I've had to pack away my studio for the time being. Hope to be back in full production in a couple of weeks though. Yay!


  1. Oh sure, moving house while pregnant, that is so not fun!! Hope your new place is fantastic & your studio is up & running soon, love Posie

  2. Thanks Posie! I'm currently wondering how on earth we accumulated so much stuff when we only arrived 2 years ago with a suitcase each. Ah well at least the urge to vomit every five minutes has subsided :)

  3. Oh YAY! Very exciting. Bec said there was a big box there today, so I am sure that is it. I haven't been to your blog before and didn't know of your pregnancy - congratulations! SO exciting! :-D

  4. Thanks Sally. Hope Finders Keepers goes super well for you. I know it will!