Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...a spot of music

Okey-dokey it's definitely time for a break so I'm grabbing a cup of tea and a kitkat (sorry I mean a timtam) and listening to this lovely tune by my pretty darn talented friend Laura J Martin. She plays about a gazillion instruments (including kazoo obviously), sings and self-produces. I LOVE this song!! What do you think??

P.S. This is her 2nd single and it's released on the 24th May. More info, songs and vids here (myspace) and here (facebook).


  1. Cool, good luck to your friend.
    My year 6 girl just googled her student teacher & his band (I know!!) on U tube, he's actually pretty hot & his band is great & i'm SOOOO not into music. Love Posie

  2. Ok... I'm intrigued about this teacher Posie!

  3. Very talented. Always looking for new music, thanks.