Sunday, May 23, 2010

handmade beauties in yellow and blue...

I keep spotting the most lovely things in yellow and blue. They're both such soothing, mellow colours. Isn't yellow and blue great?! Click on the picture for a bigger, better look.

Top row, left to right: 'Love' nursery print by Evie the Elephant, Rain Cloud mobile by Gifts Created, Sandi Lamp by Owls are Hunting. Second row, left to right: Happy Birds cushion by Roddy and Ginger, Yubik softie by BlaBlaKids, Juane Sunset pendant by Japonicas, Third row, left to right: Jingle Bird by billy boy and mia, Cassie Lamp by Owls are Hunting, Alphabet stamps by Cox & Cox, Bottom row, left to right: Vintage turquoise studs by Michvanetta, 1950s style headband by Twirling Betty, Hills Giclee Print by Leah Duncan.

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