Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is 1030am too early for a brandy?

I am quite literally hopping up and down with excitement right now!! The wonderful Holly Becker has featured me on her flippin amazing blog decor8. I hit this blog everyday and I'm always in awe of the gorgeous interiors and products that Holly features.... so to have my products on there is unbelievable! Woohoo!!!!! Thanks Holly!

P.S. In response to all the requests I've added an INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING option to all items in my madeit shop. Yay! Remember to check out the electricity/wiring before ordering though. Boo!


  1. That is where I first found out about your wonderful shop, on decor8! It's definitely a great accomplishment to be featured there! And I am SO glad you have an international shipping option, I might just pick something up! =)

  2. Congratulations Jo, how exciting!!
    That was you i saw on Sunday wasn't it?? Flying past my stall at Mathilda's??
    Super exciting stuff, but you know, you're totally awesome - just wait until the next Handmade for all that face to face sale vibe, you'll rock!! Love Posie

  3. He he! Thanks Posie. Yes it was me on Sunday. I had boyfriend in tow who was incredibly grumpy about being fooled into going to a market - especially when he realised it was a kids market and therefore no hope of being able to buy vinyl records! Your stall looked fab though! If only I'd have been allowed to spend more time there....

  4. You are so cute! And it's never too early for brandy!

  5. Hi Jo! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Go treat yourself to a deserve one! Holly featured my home studio back in December 2009, and it was SUCH a buzz for me too :)

    I found you via Decor8, and it's SO great to meet other Aussie artisans. I feel a little isolated where I am (Hervey Bay, Queensland) as I don't live in a big city. Your shop and shades are so gorgeous, and I LOVE your fabric choices...I am addicted to fabric :)

    Karen xx

  6. Congratulations. That is an honour. Decor 8 is a gorgeous blog, so many beautiful things. Hope your Sunday is lovely. Melinda xo