Sunday, April 27, 2014

DIY Crochet Necklace

I do not crochet.  I have failed to teach myself twice.  So this is a bit of a cheats 'crochet' necklace.  It takes hardly any time at all and involves NO CROCHET.  It came about as a good way to utilise some left overs from my vintage crochet and linen cushions.

Here is what I did:  Cut some nice circle shapes from old cotton doilies/table cloths, measured around my neck to where I wanted the necklace to sit and bought some cut to length chain from the local bead shop, as well as 2 swallow charms and 2 split rings (pics 1 & 2).

Arranged my little doily circles and simply stitched them together.  A couple of stitches was all it took to join the doily circles to one another (pic 3).

I then stitched my swallow charms in place at the edge of the doilies, and then attached a split ring to each end of the chain and also to the outer edge of the doilies.  That is all.  Hurrah!

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