Friday, June 10, 2011

crack open the Sherry...'s official, I'm retiring from lamp making. I never really intended to spend over 2 years making lamps 5 days a week, 9 till 5 but that's what happened. Crazy!

I'm totally astounded by the support that my little business received. I mean really gobsmacked.
{Please be aware I am about to pick up my trumpet...} If you'd have told me 3 years ago that products designed and made by me would be supplied to over a dozen shops and featured in Real living, Home Beautiful, Notebook, Peppermint and Frankie Magazine and been given a full page spread in the Herald Sun I'd have no doubt laughed quite a lot. {...I have now put the trumpet down.}

Anyway, it's time for some new adventures (one of which includes this smiley chappie).

The last of my products are listed here.

Thanks guys!


  1. Congratulations - it's a huge decision ... and who knows, you might even come back after a break with something new and refreshing that feels good and fits in with you and your new family lifestyle.
    I've just closed down my shop too for a while to give birth to our first baby and I have no idea how things will go when I return ... but I'm already aware it won't be as it was and things will be simplified :)
    All the best to you :)