Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'll be back...

Sooo the bad news... my online shop is going to close any minute now for 3 weeks until the 22nd June. Boo. Thumbs down.

But the good news is that I have two new stockists. My lamps will be winging their way to the lovely Maudie & Me in Mackay, Qld very soon AND to Ben Elke in Annandale, Sydney. The Ben Elke store is due to open in a couple of weeks so full details coming soon!

(picture: Ben Elke Mexican Oil Cloth Lunch Bags)

I've also just sent out boxes of new stock to MissChief Maker in Canberra and Vintage Stash in Wagga Wagga. (Ok - so the box for vintage stash hasn't quite made it to the Post Office yet, but it will before the end of the week, it will!) Hurrah!

(picture: Gypsy tutu available at MissChief Maker)

Of course Little Poppets in Canowindra, Velour in St. Kilda, & No.5 in Port Douglas all have lots of lovely stock too. Phew.

So thats that, now lets just hope there's no new volcanic eruptions, Bangkok airport remains safe for transit and the nice people at BA think my flight is worth flying despite the strike. hmmmm.


  1. Bon voyage Jo, i'll be following you in July!! Love Posie

  2. Love you lamps lovely bursts of colour :)
    Have a lovely holiday